About us

EastBay BI is a Business Intelligence Company founded by engineers with over 20+ years of professional experience in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. The Company offers enterprise class Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions useful in different functional domains utilizing advanced skill set and latest available technologies. We develop propriety algorithms and custom programs using the best-in-breed solutions required.  Our extended knowledge-base, added with impartial technology and tool recommendation and knowledge base provides competitive advantage to our clients.

A full-spectrum knowledge of all the leading Business Intelligence technologies on the market and the strong and exclusive specialization in these solutions is our hallmark.

This uniqueness, which identifies our company , is made possible by the continual excellence and prompt delivery of the in-house projects completed with several clients, with the driving force for technological improvement and constant update of our staff.

Expertise, experience and constant attention to new solutions have led Eastbay BI Inc to be trusted by many renowned companies.

The mission of the company is to be a center of excellence, a standard in the Consulting market, where quality, professionalism and enthusiasm are at the service of customers’ satisfaction.


Why Eastbay BI?

Eastbay BI offers technologies, practices and strategies to ensure that valuable information is properly collected, integrated, analyzed, and then presented clearly and concisely.

We works closely with our Clients to bring best-in-breed solutions required. We offer impartial recommendation of tools to be implemented for the clients, ranging from Database Engines to Dash-boarding packages. Using these tools, Eastbay BI can provide its clients with a wide range of options to best fit their needs.

We use various tools and technologies to build our algorithms, logic and computer models for Analytics and Forecasting to support our client needs. At EastBay BI, Our goal is to facilitate and empower the enterprise decision-making to significantly improve profitability, cost efficiency and competitive advantage and to achieve this goal we depend on our highly skilled workforce from various technical streams, processes and the very best BI and reporting tools to be the dedicated technology partner you rely on for all of your BI needs.